Shade gardens are certainly not dull

North Land Design offers garden care services for perennial gardens and ground cover beds to protect your landscape design and investment. 

Even a "low maintenance" design requires expertise and a time commitment.  In addition to weeding, watering and pampering a garden, there are always the additional concerns: dealing with soil problems, responding to the effects of a harsh winter, and many other issues in the natural environment that affect the health of a garden.

Our service provides you with people who are particularly skilled and knowledgeable. Some are Master Gardeners, or studying horticulture at UNH, and others have long experience in their own gardens. They know how to nurture plants.

Maintenance services include:

  • Spring cleanup of garden beds, removing leaves and debris

  • Soil testing and assessment of garden needs, adding nutrients as required

  • Edging garden beds, spreading pre-emergent weed control and top dressing mulch

  • Laying out soaker hoses if required

  • Planting annuals, perennials, ground covers

  • Dividing and transplanting perennials

  • Plant staking, weeding and deadheading

  • Vacation care – watering/weeding, etc.

  • Fall cleanup of garden beds, preparing the garden for winter, planting bulbs

Depending on the amount of garden care you need, services can be provided as a one-time project or on a continuing basis through the growing season. They can be scheduled on a quarterly, monthly or bi-weekly basis.

Feel free to ask about gardening services you may need that are not listed above. Please note that, with our focus on delicate perennials and ground covers, we are not equipped to perform heavier labor typically provided by lawn and tree maintenance companies such as extensive tree or shrub pruning, lawn raking, leaf blowing and spreading large amounts of mulch.

Please call or email to arrange an interview to discuss services tailored to your needs. Tracy Hedberg is North Land Design’s garden maintenance coordinator.