As the interest in gardening, native plants and conservation has grown to become the nation’s largest interest and hobby, more and more people are reading, attending symposiums and joining clubs and groups concerned with preserving our environment and sharing the joy of growing beautiful plants.

For a number of years, Claudia Everest has offered The Four Season Garden, an in-depth seminar on garden design for the UNH Master Gardener Program and local garden clubs. The seminar is designed to be taught either in three 2-hour segments, with hands-on experience, or as one 3-hour lecture. The seminar centers on the process of designing and laying out a garden, then choosing the plants that will provide four seasons of color and interest. In keeping with a conservationist philosophy, native plants, low maintenance, drought tolerance, and correct placement are stressed.

Claudia also delivers presentations at the UNH Symposium and local garden clubs and is available for speaking engagements. She is currently developing a new talk on beautiful alternatives to replace plants on the invasive species list.