About North Land Design

Claudia Everest formed North Land Design in 1989 to create rewarding and sustainable landscapes for homes, businesses and public spaces.

For nearly 20 years, North Land Design has provided landscape design and related services for hundreds of projects in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, with occasional forays into rural New York and other locales.

North Land Design takes on a range of landscape design challenges, spanning historic colonial residences in Amherst, new construction in Hollis, Victorian classics in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Our projects have also included key public areas such as the award-winning Milford Oval, which has been enjoyed and photographed by residents and visitors alike since 1992. More recently, we designed and installed the gardens in the Harriet Wilson Park in Milford, New Hampshire.

Most projects begin with an initial consultation engagement to explore the opportunities and options that each site uniquely offers.  As projects develop, we can work with or subcontract accomplished local professionals for site preparation, hardscaping and plant installation.

In 2005, North Land Design began offering garden maintenance services to help owners preserve and extend their investment in landscaped areas that benefit from the special care of experienced professionals. Complementing the work of homeowners and lawn care firms, we help assure the health and beauty of maturing perennial gardens, shrubs and trees.

For a sampling of projects in the North Land Design portfolio, please visit the Projects section of our web site.